5 Favourite Drugstore Bronzers

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Bronzer is one of my favourite makeup products, as it completes my face when wearing makeup as it gives my face some colour, glow and hence from the name, makes me look bronzed. I always wear bronzer, whether it's a minimal makeup look or full on glam look also with me being very pale and not a big fan of fake tan, I always reach for my bronzer.
In this post I've contained my top 5 favourite bronzers which are all perfect for this season to achieve a tanned, bronzed look as well as two shades are perfect for contouring. 

E.L.F Studio Bronzer 'Golden';
This has been the bronzer that I've been most reaching for recently as it's glowy and is quite shimmery. It has four sections in the bronzer which is why I love this bronzer so much because they all blend together so well to give a natural bronze. There is two bronzy shades, a pinky toned bronze and a very light shade with a bronze tone and they couldn't be a better combination. Although there is a range of four colours they all have a gorgeous golden bronze undertone. I also love how it has the four sections as you can focus it on one shade depending on how bronzed you want your look.
It does look quite shimmery in the palette however when swatched or applied it has a gorgeous glow and gives a flawless radiant look to your cheeks. 

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer 'Light';

I feel like I've mentioned this many times on my blog but as it's so incredible I'm going to mention it again! I absolutely love this, it's a definite favourite of mine as it has the most gorgeous formula that I've ever used. It's a mix between cream and powder which gives it such a rich and cream formula with a super soft texture. In the pan it feels so creamy however when applied it has more of a powder feel to it and blends so easily like a powder. Also as it's so smooth it feels moisturising and glides onto the skin smoothly because of the creamy texture. 
When applied it gives a radiant glow and does have quite a glowy undertone to it which makes it so suited for summer and spring.
I love the packaging of this as well as it reminds me of the Caribbean as it looks so tropical and it smells incredible! Every time I open it, I have to smell it as it smells as it reminds me of summer and coconuts, honestly I wish all bronzers smell this good! It also has a mirror inside which is super useful and is quite big and clear so is perfect for on the go.

Rimmel Match Perfection Bronzer 001;

This bronzer is definitely coming to it's end now so I'm on the hunt for a dupe of it as it's not sold on Rimmel counters anymore (cry). It's pretty hard to see as I've hit pan very badly however it use to have a circle of blue powder in the middle, a lighter bronzer and then the darker bronzer (original product here). However the shades mixed together give a gorgeous healthy glow and although it's quite pigmented, it looks super natural and suits my skin tone so well. It gives a tanned look and the blue powder that use to be in the centre of the pan gave a natural bronzed look.
The powder itself is super smooth and glides onto the skin and I'll be using this until it's all gone!

Maybelline Master Sculpt 01;
Now going onto the two more 'contour' shades, I love this bronze shade from the Master Sculpt as it works perfectly to sculpt and under your cheekbones as the matte powder is perfect for contouring and giving a bronze look for everyday.
The formula of this bronzer is super creamy and smooth and has the perfect pigment. I have the lightest one which is just the right shade for me as any darker wouldn't be usable! The powder is also super blendable, which makes it perfect for everyday as you can blend it out so well. 
Although it is a contour shade, I think it also does double up to make a great bronzer. Taking it on my big blush brush and swirling it around on my cheeks gives such a gorgeous tanned look. It's a tad darker than my other bronzers which is perfect for when I'm tanned in summer and I love how it's matte as I don't own too many matte bronzers. This is such a bargain of a price as well of £8 which I think is well worth the money as it has a contour and highlight shade as well as a mirror and brush.

Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit;
This palette has always been a staple for me as I love the matte powders it has as they're so creamy and soft and are a dream to apply. The shade of this bronzer shade is more suited to contouring as the matte powder is perfect to sculpt out your cheekbones as it's super blendable and has the perfect pigment. The shade isn't 'muddy' at all and is the perfect neutral bronze with a very slight orange undertone.
The bronzer shade is so pigmented which means I don't need that much as I'm so pale but it's a dream to blend so overall gives a natural contour look. I don't use this shade as much to bronze with but on the odd occasion I do and like the Maybelline one, it's the perfect matte shade. 

What is your favourite bronzer?
Kate Xx

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  1. I'm desperate to try that Physicians formula bronzer! It sounds amazing and the shade is stunning!

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  2. I love bronzers too and these all look beautiful. I love trying out new drugstore products x

  3. Ohhh, I might need to try some of these out 😍 xx

  4. I love to use the Bourjois Maxi Delight bronzer, it gives the perfect amount of shimmer for summer xx

  5. You have some great options here! I have used and love the Rimmel Perfect Match in the past when I was needing to grab a drugstore brand - they generally don't fail me!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/

  6. Love this post!!
    I use bronzed everyday I might have try some of these out!! Jamie Marie xx