About Me

Hi and welcome to my blog!
I'm Kate and I'm an average teenager who loves beauty and fashion! 
I made this blog to just be a place where I can share anything focusing around fashion, beauty and lifestyle.
I have always read blogs so I thought, why not make my own? I am definitely not the most confident person so making a blog is something I love to do as I can talk and just be me and still be in my comfort zone! 

I've always been interested in fashion and I love finding that perfect outfit or a new fashion fave so I always post Outfit Posts or How To Style different fashion pieces.

I also love doing many posts focusing on my favourite makeup pieces as well as tutorials on my favourite looks whether it's glam or really simple! 

So I hope you enjoy reading my blog and always feel free to leave a comment on my posts or follow my social medias, I am always here for a chat! 
Thank you for reading,
Kate Xx

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