I've Moved To LuxeKate.com

By Kate - 12:49:00

Hey everyone! So you may already know from my social medias however I've now gone self-hosted and I'm over at LuxeKate.com where I'll be carrying on from this blog but in my own style!
All of my posts on this blog are all on LuxeKate.com as although my posts from last year are truly dreadful, I'm one of those people who can never delete things (hence the 3000 photos on my phone) so I'll still be able to laugh at my 2016 Blogmas....
Being on this blog has shown me the ropes and I felt like I was ready to go self-hosted. It took a while as I changed the theme once I'd finished editing the first one so that added on a week or two however I'm so happy with it now and I hope I'll be able to improve on my new blog!

So farewell to Blogger and lets hope the future will be good!
Kate Xx

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