What's In My Bag?

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I personally love reading these posts as I'm so nosy so I love getting a peak into other peoples bags. So that's why I though I would post my own!
Firstly I would just like to mention I carry a load of rubbish in my bag and it was only till I came to do this post that I realised how much junk I carry! So for this post, I missed out some of the old receipts, old water bottle and all my plastic bags...

The Bag
My go-to bag is my River Island Shoulder Bag as it's so practical to wear but looks so good with any outfit. Also it fits so much in and it's lasting me so well.
I have been obsessing over shoulder bags so much recently, my school bag is also a shoulder bag as well and I have never realised how comfy they are to wear. I was always a stickler for a classic handbag to wear on my arm but times have changed ever since this River Island bag.
First thing that is obviously a necessity for any bag is a purse. Ever since I have got this purse I have been obsessed with it. It's a Black Purse with a scale design on it which is from Topshop, that contains less money that I would like...
I have always preferred quite a long purse so this one from Topshop is perfect. There is a zip pocket in the middle for coins then on either side there is a space for money and cards. I would definitely recommend Topshop purses if you're on the hunt for one.
I always carry round my keys with me and I hate it when I am searching around in my bag for my set of keys. So I have been using my pom pom key ring on my keys which makes them super easy to find and I love the colour of it as well, as it's a really pretty dusty pink. I actually got this from Superdug for free when they had an offer on but I actually really like it for inside so my bag!
Makeup For The Day
Whenever I go out, I always have to take some little makeup bits just in case, so to keep them all together I use this Makeup Pouch from Forever 21 which has a small drawing of Manhattan on which is why I got it! I've had this for quite a while and I'm sure it was around £3 at the time. It's the perfect size for a couple of makeup bits for on the go.
The makeup I carry normally includes the lip product I was wearing that day, my Rimmel Powder with a small Powder Brush from Superdrug. This brush is perfect as the small handle means it can fit in perfectly. And then maybe a mascara for a just in case and then of course my Carmex and Hand Cream which are both essentials for any day.
This does depend on where I am going but I love to take my camera out with me as I love taking photos of anywhere I go. I really want to travel to more small idyllic places this year and build my photography so hopefully I can!

The Little Essentials
The little bits I always carry in my bag which usually are found dumped in the bottom or in the pocket are a couple of bobbles, a big hair clip, hair brush and my headphones. I also carry my small Ted Baked Body Spray in my bag is it is the perfect size and I love the smell of it! And of course a packet of mints as I hate feeling like I don't have a fresh mouth!
 I also keep a small Jack Will makeup bag in my bag which has my nail set in as I hate having a broken nail, a small mirror and my Little Miss Sunshine Tissues!
These are obviously all necessities which I always keep in my bag permanently!

What do you have to carry in your bag?
Kate Xx

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