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Hey Guys!
For this weeks post as really wanted to do a post that isn't to do with beauty of fashion but just hopefully a general autumn post! I thought I would just talk about my favourite things about autumn as autumn is my favourite season and I have been snap-happy recently so I have lots of autumnal photos! 

1. Clothes; Sorry what is better than a thick knitted jumper or the cosiest roll neck top with your favourite padded coat? I love putting my thick jeans on and a big jumper with my coat and boots to go on a nice day out with family or friends, And of course it's not completed without your big scarf that could be big enough to be a picnic blanket for 20 people...

2. Food; You know it's autumn when you ditch the cold sandwiches to a piping panini fresh out of the oven or a cheese toasty with the cheese bubbling out of the sides. And when you dig into a big plate of cheesy beans on toast and stuff too much in your mouth so you get beans dripping everywhere (or is that just me...). Oh and it's definitely autumn when you swap the ice cream for a warm brownie or sticky toffee pudding....

3. Colours; I love dog walks in the autumn or just staring out the window on a car journey and just appreciating the colours all around you. I love seeing orange and brown leaves on trees as they are the perfect autumn colours and makes me so happy and makes the perfect pictures which leads me onto my next favourite thing... 

4. Photography; As a girl who loves taking photos, autumn is the perfect time and place! I always have to take my camera to places with me and I always manage to take some beautiful photos of my local spots. Everything looks so rustic in autumn and it definitely makes everything look ten times better.

5. Crisp Leaves; This is my favourite thing to hear in the world (except for harry style's voice obvs). Whenever I see a big pile of fallen leaves, I smile to myself as I adore it! As soon as my boots make the leaves crunch, it brings me such joy. There is always leaves everywhere so I make the most of it and it has to be one of my happiest sounds.

6. Hot Drinks; Hot drinks are one of my most loved things in this season, although I am not a tea or coffee drinker, I love having a steaming drink to keep me warm on a bitterly cold day. I love making myself the perfect hot chocolate in my favourite mug and topping it with some mini marshmallows. And to make it even better, dipping my favourite chocolate bar into it so it's briefly melts. That's something that cannot be beaten!

7. Candles; Being all snug in your bedroom is nice but lighting you favourite candle to fill your room with warmth and a wintery smell is divine! I love lighting my favourite scents and feeling warm in the comfort of my own home, it's some alone time that I enjoy so much a cosying down watching a film or youtube with a candle in the background is what autumn is for!

8. Hot Soup; Soup is one of my top things to eat in winter, that feeling when you have your first mouthful and you feel that warm sensation of the warmth flowing through your body is the best. Drinking homemade soup out of a mug or dipping some fresh bread into your soup so the butter melts completely. You can never beat a Heinz Tomato Soup or my fave soup is the fresh soups from Pret A Manger as they are so delicious especially on a cold shopping day.

9. Makeup; Without a doubt autumn always brings you the best makeup looks. There is no problems with sweating it off, you can wear whatever you want to. There is no better time to try a dark lip or make a smoky eye as dark as you want, I always feel autumn brings no limits to my makeup. Everything can be bolder and what a perfect excuse to buy some more!

10. Weather; Last but for sure not least. It's cold so you can wrap up warm but still on them warmer days you can manage with a light coat or lighter jumper. The darker mornings can mean some amazing orange views in the morning of the sun rising and you can find that excuse not too stay out late, as nothing beats watching Strictly in your pj's! Whether it's raining, there is always a crisp smell to the air and nothing can beat autumn.

I Live For Autumn.
Kate Xx

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