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Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush
Rimmel Lasting Finish 
Sleek Blush Palette - Orange toned blush
Sleek Blush Palette - Pink Shimmer blush
Sleek Blush Palette - Coral Blush
I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts
BarryM Get Up & Glow - Nude/Pink Blush
BarryM Get Up & Glow - Orange/Coral Blush
BarryM Get Up & Glow - Light Pink  (very hard to see!!)

I'm not the biggest fan of blush however in Spring and Summer, I feel like a blush is a necessity as it gives a gorgeous glow. I love to go for more the nude shades however for summer with more of a tanned face, it's much easier to pull off a more pink-y blush!
In this post, I've included my favourite blushes which will suit a wide range of skin tones and although some shades aren't my all time favourites, I love all the formulas of them!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush 'Paaarty';
I got this blush in a free gift from Sephora but this is my all time favourite blush, it's a gorgeous nude pink shade which is perfect for my pale skin as it's not too bright and gives a neutral pinky glow. It's a matte powder which makes it look super natural and this blush takes blendable to a new level! I love the formula of this as well, it so soft and creamy and super pigmented. I only dab my brush in the blush twice and apply it lightly and it gives the most gorgeous colour and glow. 
 I've used this many, many times as well and it barely looks like I've touched it so I can imagine this is going to last me for ages!  

Rimmel Lasting Finish Blush 'Pink Rose';
I've always loved the Rimmel Blushes and this has to be my favourite shade as it's a nude-y pink but more pinky toned compared to the Tarte Blush. When swatched it looks quite a bit lighter than the Tarte blush which gives it an even more natural look and perfect for paler skin. I've very pale skin and this shade suits me perfectly. It also has tiny little flecks of glitter in which you can't see when on however it gives the blush a super subtle glowy look which is perfect for a awake and bright spring/summer look. I would day this blush is quite long lasting as well and just looks so beautiful on!
I would for sure recommend this as it's under £4 which is a complete bargain and although it looks so small in the packaging, it lasts forever as a little goes a long way! 


Sleek Blush by 3 in 'Lace';
I have had this palette for quite a long time and it's always been one of my favourites. The formula of all three blushes is such good quality and feels super creamy and are so pigmented. You also get quite a lot of each blusher in this palette not that I'd ever run out as you only need to lightly swirl your brush round once for enough product.
The two shades which are on the outside are both matte are both quite bright pinks. The one of the left is more orange toned and the one on the right is more coral/pink toned. I don't use these two shades as much however they are both a gorgeous formula. And even though they are a bit bright they still are so blendable so with the right makeup look, I can use them both. Also when swatched the one on the very left looks so orange but I promise it doesn't look like you've applied an orange highlighter pen!
 However the shade in the middle is my favourite. It's a shimmer unlike the other two blushers and is a neutral pink-y shimmer. It blends in so easily and is perfect for a glowy makeup look as the little flecks of blend to give a dewy and glowy look. And it doesn't really contain big bits on glitter so doesn't look ridiculous on!


IHeartMakeup Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher 'Peachy Keen';
This is a new purchase of mine and I've only used it a couple of times but so far so good! I got this for free as Superdrug have a 3 for 2 offer (which is the best thing known to man) and they had so many different shades in blush, bronzer and highlighter so it took me ages to pick which one! But I went with this Baked Blush as it look gorgeous. It's perfect for a super glowly look as it's made up of a highlight shade, blusher and bronzer which all together give a gorgeous natural sheen to the cheeks. 
It's also really pigmented and I was wondering that because it has three sections, whether it would be suited for a blush. However it's the perfect shade for a blush as it has a light pink tone and the highlighter and bronzer give it a natural shade and balance out the pink tones. I think this is going to be my most used blush this spring and summer as it suits my skin tone so well and looks so gorgeous on.


BarryM Get Up & Glow Palette;
I love this palette from BarryM, it has a bronzer, highlighter and three blushers. There is a nude-y pink blusher, a light orange-y coral shade and a super light baby pink. The darkest shade out of all of them which is the nude-y pink shade which is still quite light has to be my favourite. It does have quite a bright pink tone to it however when blened out, it gives a natural pink blush. 
The second shade which is the more coral shade isn't my preference but for summer would give a brighter blush however it still is quite subtle as it's matte.
The last shade is the super light pink which is probably the lightest a blush gets, I don't really like using this on that much as I find that it barely shows up and just blends in with my skin tone as my face does have a slight pink undertone to it however I could imagine this suting some people if they wanted a subtle blush. Overall I do love this palette as the formula of all the powders is super blendable and natural. 

What is your favourite blusher for this season?
Kate Xx

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  1. I never use blusher, it doesn't look right on me I don't think. These are pretty shades though!
    Liv xx

  2. omg these look amazing I love how makeup looks when it's untouched. Wish I could keep it all that way. I really like the makeup revolution rose gold palette, it's got lots of pretty shimmery shades xx

    Sophia xx

  3. All these look so perfect for summer! Ahh literally dying to get that blushing hearts one <33

    Morgan //

  4. Woman, I am trying to save money (for a holiday and a future flat). How can I do that if I read your post with all these amazing blushers?! These colors... OMG! xx Corinne

  5. I love the look of that tarte and rimmel blush! They'd look like they'd be gorgeous for pale skin!
    I love the look of the I heart makeup blush hearts too, they're so pretty! Great blush picks
    PaleGirlRambling xo

  6. I love blush! Without it I look a little bit zombie like! These all look lovely and I'm especially interested in the Tarte amazonian blush. It looks really pigmented but natural. xx

  7. These are all so pretty! I have the Rimmel Lasting Finish one and it's my fave!

    Tiffany x

  8. They all look so pretty! I really like sleek blushes and the tarte ones are a favourite of mine too :)

  9. Oh god, I'm in love with all of them!
    I'll be blaming you for my growing blush collection (who am I kidding? I was gonna buy them anyway)

    Louisa |